For those that are aware late last year I was made redundant from my previous work. No hard feeling were had and to be honest the thought of leaving had been niggling faintly at the back of my mind for some time. The convenience and apparent stability associated with having a job, in particular one that was only a kilometer from where I lived, inevitably kept me there. That said the company had been struggling; but I won’t go there.

In any event I found myself unemployed in December with what was a quite decent payout. I began considering my options, including moving to the States if a position at the likes of Microsoft opened up. I sent off a few light hearted resumes without any expectations of a call up given Christmas was fast approaching.

January arrived and I received a call while on vacation at the Coast…it was the recruiter who I had contacted in relation to a job at Taterstalls. He mentioned to me the possibility of work in Canberra at a software company called Unify Solutions. Despite being an interesting proposal I must admit there was some skepticism on my part as to whether it was a move I wanted to make. Despite my applications for Stateside work I’d never really thought about whether I wanted to move away from my family and friends, especially given I was so happy in the accomodation I had at New Farm.

History will show that I decided to take up the job offer and here I am in Canberra now, freezing my toosh off as I write this.

The reason for posting that story isn’t so much to reflect on the move but the changes that have happened in my life both recently and more long term. Given I don’t feel like I am in the same head (or physical) space anymore I thought it was fitting to leave the old site behind. As I archived the 480 posts dating back to at least 2005 it occurred to me there was simply a lot there that isn’t me any more, it contributed to who I am but if you were to read some of it now you’d probably think I was an emotional whinebag. It’s not that I’m trying to distance myself from that, indeed, I kept every single post there in case I change my mind later, but at the same time a reboot or fresh start didn’t seem like a totally bad idea. The move from QLD to ACT seemed like an apt opportunity to do just that.

So with that out of the way here’s yet another relaunch of, this time with more or less a clean slate. No promises I’ll update it frequently, but it is what it is. I haven’t gone through and deleted any page content just yet but old pages like my computer specs will be getting removed. Again those pages feel like a distant fragment memory of my past and my interests now days are more mobile computing oriented and I feel at times that I replace those devices more often than I post on this blog.

For all those I haven’t had a lot to do with since I moved, know that all is well and I’m very happy here. Still yet to make a whole lot of new friends but I love the work and the opportunities it has afforded me. I have a lot more client exposure now and it’s truly thrilling to see something I developed on my own being put in place in government organisations. I’ll talk more about that in coming weeks.

Until then, take care and if you happen to be in Brisbane, I’m looking forward to my next trip up North.

Peace out.