It’s been almost two years now since I last posted here and in that time quite a lot has happened. Firstly, I’ve neglected the blog somewhat more or less because I didn’t have anything I felt a strong urge to post. The site lacks direction and I’m still a bit unsure what sort of content I want to put on here. Part of me is inclined to drop the personal posts and use it as a way to communicate more work related topics, but the jury is still out on whether thats something I want to do. In any event, I feel motivated to post something now, so lets see where this goes shall we?

When I last updated the site I’d been reflecting on my transition to Canberra. Well, that’s all still going fantastic and I’m still here. If anything my desire to stay here has been strengthened over the past few years. I can comfortably say I have no real desire to move currently, and certainly no inclination to go back to Brisbane. While some people may bemoan Canberra for it’s quieter setting than say Brisbane or Sydney, I fail to see how that is anything but a blessing. The city is smaller, cleaner and quieter than many other major cities, and as a result it’s far more pleasant. Gone are the days where I’d spend over an hour on a bus to travel a few suburbs to get to work. Now I can travel two thirds of the state in half and hour.

Part of the reason for me not wanting to move is also no doubt the fact that since my previous posts here I not only met someone but fell deeply for them and are now engaged. Not only do I have a fiancé’ but I’ve had the joy of starting a new family up with her (/now our) son as well. I couldn’t be happier with how that aspect of my life has flourished in recent times. We even have a cat!

Other than that work continues to be a positive experience. The focus has shifted for me personally from managing a number of client sites to being contracted out of a single government agency. This presents new challenges but also the added benefit of forming closer bonds with a single group of people. Certainly it continues to be an experience I enjoy and it’s great to be able to make an impact across a few projects from the one team over a prolonged period of time. By being focused on one organisation, you do get a much better sense of progress as time goes on and a greater feel for the evolution of a system as a whole, and a unique insight into how users accept (or don’t accept as the case may be), the solutions you are providing them.

Other than that, my life continues to tick over as usual. Hobbies and interests remain much unchanged. As a perfect example of that I feel now’s as good a way to end this post as any since I’ve got a craving to town on the Xbox One and have a blast in Destiny while the rest of the family get some sleep. I’ll continue to give this sites future some thought, and who knows what’ll come of it. I’d like to continue to host something, but whether that becomes an extension of Facebook in the sense it becomes a place for family photos, or perhaps somewhere for IT or work related content I don’t know. It may become a mash of all the above. I guess time will tell. I’m also strongly considering moving away from Dreamhost to Google Apps Cloud services or similar. The poor performance and constant reboots I get here really are frustrating me, even if I like the idea of a fully managed service. I could sink further effort into optimising things further, or just go somewhere with far more infrastructure and redundancy built in.

And no, I still haven’t purchased a F!nk jug and yes, I still want one.