Just a short piece to note a rather spectacular set of home ware I came across recently in my travels around Canberra. I was at the Australian Gallery of Modern Art and on my way out I stopped by the store. Truth be told, I was curious to see the Blunt Umbrella’s I knew they sold but it was some vases, platters and jugs by the Australian design firm F!NK Design that caught my eye. There probably isn’t a lot to say other than I find the products to be absolutely stunning, beautifully simple yet completely striking.

I’ll be honest, I love things that look nice. I love my Mac, my car and Zooey Deschanel. Unfortunately I don’t have the words to portray how much I admire these particular products however, nor do I think the images do them justice. If you get the opportunity to see or hold some of these items, definitely take the time to have a look. Essentially each piece is a very solid bit of anodised aluminium.  They have a very solid feel to them thanks to their material of choice; as well as a strong visual presence due to the vibrant colours and unique shapes on display. It’s hard to pinpoint what it is that captured my eye, but I think it’s just a certain ‘tangibility’ that the products have.  Their weight, colour, shape combine to create a certain presence. Certainly they would look great in any modern home.

My only real issue with them is the price…the water jug above retails for over $300AU. A single cup? That’ll be $40. Ouch. Lovely, yes. Expensive, you betcha. Definitely out of my ball park for now. Maybe once I buy a place I’ll consider a single vase or something but.