Tomorrow we finally head off for Europe! The bags have all been packed, unpacked, repacked, unpacked again and contents photographed for insurance purposes and finally packed one last time. There’s really nothing else to do now than to show up at the airport and hope that everything goes smoothly, flights are on time and we arrive in the right spot all in one piece, hopefully with our bags.

Over the coming weeks I’ll probably make a few posts with some photos taken from various locations. It’s not a given, but I’m going to attempt to do that. Otherwise I’ll have updates and photographs on Facebook.

Two days ago I saw the latest Jurassic Park film, Jurassic World. The film had many many flaws, but fortunately the movie was still entertaining which is the main thing. For a series that has had some incredible ups and downs, thats probably more than one can hope for. Here’s hoping Terminator Genesis manages a similar feat.

For now I’m going to watch an episode of Orange is the New Black before heading off for what could be a restless night of sleep. With any luck I won’t arrive at the airport to realise I’ve forgotten to pack something. One can hope!