It’s that time of year when everything and everyone seems to be operating at 150%. Unlike most years, it’s not even Christmas itself which has kept me preoccupied, with that in some ways being a bit of an afterthought to a number of other things going on in my life right now.

The first and largest event is no doubt my change of job. After almost five years of doing Identity Management with UNIFY Solutions, I’ve decided to make a jump to something else and as of last week have began employment in the role of Imprivata Support Manager for ACT Health. I’m very much looking forward to the opportunity to both try something new. It was a daunting move however and it wasn’t until my last day where in a moment of reflection I realised so much of my life as it stands now stems from my decision to move to Canberra with the UNIFY. In particular I wouldn’t be living with Al or Dan had I not made that jump, nor would I have likely ended up in Canberra. In fact I’d quite likely still be in a software development role.

Speaking of Al. A week ago today we finally put down the deposit for our wedding venue which means we now have both a date and a deadline. It’s not particularly close, having set a date of 2017, but it does mean we can get certain balls rolling now. Top of the priority list are finding celebrants and photographers; something Al’s made some progress towards while I try and get a small website up and running to complement the save the dates that will go out to the small group who will be invited for the day. I’m looking forward to working towards the wedding over the coming fifteen months.

Other than that I was quite excited to give Dan his first console, a Nintendo 3DS XL, earlier this week. It may seem silly, but as someone who loves games and remembers opening his SNES back in the early 90’s, it was nice to be able to pass Dan on his first system and watch him try and work out how to play the game we gave him (Pokemon Art Academy). I’m also immensely proud at his ability to save towards it since we decided he should put in a good portion of the money towards it.

And finally there’s Christmas. Fortunately I’m well and truly done with the gift shopping for another year, with only orders for seafood and the like to go. Looking forward to a very quiet and very relaxed Christmas break this year. It’ll be my first ever away from my family, but I should see them early in the new year so it we won’t be away from them for long anyway. We’re all looking forward to taking Dan to Brisbane for the first time to meet everyone on my side that he hasn’t yet seen.

With that in mind, I hope whoever reads this has a fantastic and safe Christmas.