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It’s the Season to be Busy

It's that time of year when everything and everyone seems to be operating at 150%. Unlike most years, it's not even Christmas itself which has kept me preoccupied, with that in some ways being a bit of an afterthought to a number of other things going on in my life right now. The first and largest change is no doubt my change of job.

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Scripted Bulk Update of FIM 2010 Groups

I've been required to oversee a bulk update of a few thousand users into a manually managed portal group for which the FIM Portal is authoritative. Anyone who has had to add more than a few users knows this can be a cumbersome process by hand via the UI. To save time from doing this manually through the Portal interface I've thrown together a PowerShell script that will read a CSV file of users and operations (add or remove) and process those requests against a group.

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Long Time No See

It's been almost two years now since I last posted here and in that time quite a lot has happened. Firstly, I've neglected the blog somewhat more or less because I didn't have anything I felt a strong urge to post. The site lacks direction and I'm still a bit unsure what sort of content I want to put on here. Part of me is inclined to drop the personal posts and use it as a way to communicate more work related posts, but the jury is still out on whether thats something I want to do. In any event, I feel motivated to post something now, so lets see where this goes shall we?

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Look! It’s 2013!

It feels like an eternity since I posted anything here. That could be for a number of reasons, but I'm guessing the prominent one is that it has in fact been an eternity since I posted here. Anyway it turns out I'm still alive, and at times, kicking. In fact, not only am I still here but so is mankind in general. So much for the doomsday theories. Who'd have guessed it was a pile of crap all along? In order to waste a few bytes on some server somewhere I thought it'd be worthwhile doing a bit of a brain dump onto yours and my monitor.

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