Formatting of Dates on the FIM Portal UI

At one client we’ve had some issues with the consistency of dates as displayed in the FIM Portal. On some systems we were getting the desired AU format of dd/mm/yyyy while on others we had a UTC yyyy-mm-dd format being used on user edit forms, request history and other places.     In our case both FIM portals in this case were running off the one FIM database (we use one for end user access, and another as a backend to balance a bit of the server request workload) so FIM Portal configuration was ruled…

Fix Orphaned ‘Other’ Music in iOS

In the past few months I’ve twice encountered an issue where my iPhone had a huge amount of storage allocated to ‘other’ files. You’d normally expect a few hundred megs to maybe a few gigs of storage to be allocated to these files as it’s what non multimedia/applications data gets labeled as in iTunes. It appeared though in my case that toggling Music Match had left my 70GB or so of music orphaned in the ‘other’ files dump as opposed to being listed under ‘music’. Freeing up this space so I could re-sync my music proved…

Long Time No See

It’s been almost two years now since I last posted here and in that time quite a lot has happened. Firstly, I’ve neglected the blog somewhat more or less because I didn’t have anything I felt a strong urge to post. The site lacks direction and I’m still a bit unsure what sort of content I want to put on here. Part of me is inclined to drop the personal posts and use it as a way to communicate more work related posts, but the jury is still out on whether thats something I want to do. In any event, I feel motivated to post something now, so lets see where this goes shall we?

Look! It’s 2013!

It feels like an eternity since I posted anything here. That could be for a number of reasons, but I’m guessing the prominent one is that it has in fact been an eternity since I posted here. Anyway it turns out I’m still alive, and at times, kicking. In fact, not only am I still here but so is mankind in general. So much for the doomsday theories. Who’d have guessed it was a pile of crap all along? In order to waste a few bytes on some server somewhere I thought it’d be worthwhile doing a bit of a brain dump onto yours and my monitor.

F!NK Different!

Just a short piece to note a rather spectacular set of home ware I came across recently in my travels around Canberra. I was at the Australian Gallery of Modern Art and on my way out I stopped by the store. Truth be told, I was curious to see the Blunt Umbrella’s I knew they sold but it was some vases, platters and jugs by the Australian design firm F!NK Design that caught my eye. There probably isn’t a lot to say other than I find the products to be absolutely stunning, beautifully simple yet completely striking.