Scripted Bulk Update of FIM 2010 Groups

I’ve been required to oversee a bulk update of a few thousand users into a manually managed portal group for which the FIM Portal is authoritative. Anyone who has had to add more than a few users knows this can be a cumbersome process by hand via the UI. To save time from doing this manually through the Portal interface I’ve thrown together a PowerShell script that will read a CSV file of users and operations (add or remove) and process those requests against a group.

Formatting of Dates on the FIM Portal UI

At one client we’ve had some issues with the consistency of dates as displayed in the FIM Portal. On some systems we were getting the desired AU format of dd/mm/yyyy while on others we had a UTC yyyy-mm-dd format being used on user edit forms, request history and other places.     In our case both FIM portals in this case were running off the one FIM database (we use one for end user access, and another as a backend to balance a bit of the server request workload) so FIM Portal configuration was ruled…