Look! It’s 2013!

It feels like an eternity since I posted anything here. That could be for a number of reasons, but I’m guessing the prominent one is that it has in fact been an eternity since I posted here. Anyway it turns out I’m still alive, and at times, kicking. In fact, not only am I still here but so is mankind in general. So much for the doomsday theories. Who’d have guessed it was a pile of crap all along? In order to waste a few bytes on some server somewhere I thought it’d be worthwhile doing a bit of a brain dump onto yours and my monitor.

Up, Up and Away – A (Short) Skyward Sword Review

So about six months after the world stopped caring, I’ve finished The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. All in all it was a solid, if not slightly flawed title that has managed to consume a little over 40 hours of my life these past few weeks. I’m not going to get into the story or any of that, anyone that wants to know can find that out themselves or has already finished the game. Instead, heres a quick over view of things I liked and disliked about the title. For a Wii game it generally…