Hi Ho, Hi Ho. Just Three More Weeks To Go

Time may not fly, but it sure can go quickly. December is rapidly sneaking away from us and I’m only really now starting to think about what I will do in my two weeks break over Christmas. Really looking forward to the pilgrimage back up north and the opportunity to catch up with the people I’ve been missing ever since moving to Canberra.

I don’t really have much in the way of news to report as usual, so I thought it would be as good a time as any to reflect back on the year. Namely I might try and detail exactly what it is I am doing down here.

A Quickie

It’s felt like a lifetime since I last posted here. Since my last post Colonal Guddafi has been killed, Steve Jobs tragically passed away, Survivor has started again, Dexter has become my addiction and the earth in two days will hit a population of seven billion people. Seems a lot can happen in four months.

Welcome Back

Early this year I began writing a post for this very site as a reflection on the previous year. It more or less started out that the previous year could have been summarised as turbulent. Funnily enough I never finished writing that post, possibly due the the fact that the chaos that had plagued last year for better or worse was going to rear it’s head one final time in the form of a job offer.